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AltiGen VOIP Business Phone Systems for:
Small Business/Branch Office | Enterprise | Multi Site Locations Call Centers

Vertical SBX

Vertical SBX IP 320 Converged IP telephony system is the clear choice for today’s dynamic and growing single- and multi-location small businesses.

Vertical XTS

Vodavi XTS-IP telephone system takes traditional and digital
telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) converged technology, to deliver a total
communications platform that is loaded with possibilities.


Mitel IP Communications Platforms leverage nearly 30 years of industry expertise, Mitel has developed a complete range of communications platforms designed to meet the needs of any business and provide the tools to improve productivity and efficiency for a tangible return on investment.

IpItomy IpPBX

"All In One" Communications Platform

Smarter is better. IPitomy is an "All In One" business communications platform. IPitomy is a complete business phone system including all of the traditional PBX system features that business has come to expect, plus messaging, music on hold, call queuing, web based administration console and much more.

 IPitomy Communications

Sarasota, FL (January 22, 2010) — IPitomy Communications announced today that the IPitomy Pure IP PBX has received a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation’s (TMC®) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the leading publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982.

 IPitomy is a developer of business telecommunications solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Our products are open standard based utilizing the SIP protocol. This is the most widely adopted standard in the industry. By adhering to the SIP protocol IPitomy assures you, our customer, maximum interoperability and a high degree of investment protection. Not only does IPitomy provide reliable and competitively priced IP Telephony products, but IPitomy Exchange is a full service VoIP provider. Subscribing to our services will increase your communication options while decreasing your expenditures. Experience the security of business continuity features which prevent communication interruptions. Let IPitomy provide you with smart, simple, and flexible solutions that improve worker collaboration and productivity. IPitomy is an 'All in One' business communications platform. Our Smart Operator Console is the hub of a complete business phone system including traditional PBX features plus unified messaging, music on hold, call queuing, call conferencing and much more. All of these features can be accessed from multi-site locations including any of your home-bound employees. IPitomy is the 'All in One' smart solution to all your telecommunication needs. Global Telecommunications Inc. will be your one source for all of your voice and data needs.