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The XTS-IP telephone system takes the best of both worlds and combines them – traditional digital telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) “converged” technology, to deliver a total communications platform that is loaded with possibilities.

Maximum Capacities

Digital Technology
 One Cabinet: 48 CO lines and 96 Stations up to 136 ports
 Two Cabinets: 144 lines and 192 Stations up to 280 ports
 Three Cabinets: 144 lines and 252 Stations up to 376 ports
 Four to Six Cabinets: 216 lines and 492 Stations up to 600 ports. Cabinet count depends on configuration.

When fully expanded, the XTS-IP system can provide up to 96 ports of VoIP connectivity.You can start with 2 ports and add ports to the system as your needs grow.