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Discovery Manager
With competition always knocking at your customers’ door, maintaining a professional customer service and support organization can keep your customers just that…yours!  That’s why it is important to place proper attention on how customer calls and inquiries are handled within your business.

Whether your customer service function is comprised of individual employees, single or multiple workgroups, or agents within a larger call center environment who are located at one or more locations, Vodavi’s Discovery Manager and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) System Software solutions interface with most Vodavi telephone systems to tie together employees that share common call related activities to help you maintain and improve customer relationships.

Discovery Manager

Empower Your Managers

Discovery Manager is a Windows-based management tool that consolidates call-handling activities and visually displays to supervisors and employees/agents an extensive set of user-configurable windows with real-time statistics. This up-to-the minute information that business supervisors now have access to can help aid decision-making for your organization.

At a quick glance, supervisors can view employee status, calls-in-queue, longest wait time, calls answered and calls abandoned. Employees can send on-screen messages to each other via their PC. Discovery Manager even tracks ACD and non-ACD calls on an extension allowing supervisors to make a distinction between an employee’s personal and business-related calls. Employees can log onto multiple call groups assuring adequate call coverage is in place. For example, an employee can log onto the incoming sales support call group in addition to being logged into the technical service group, if additional coverage is needed. All this information is shown on the screen in color-coded fashion to help simplify viewing.

 The extensive flexibility of Discovery Manager allows a supervisor to customize his or her real-time screen to display information as needed. Audible and visual alarm thresholds can also be configured to alert of a specific situation that needs immediate attention.

 Improve Employee Performance

What better way to inform and motivate your employees than to display real-time performance statistics on each employee’s PC monitor. With Discovery Manager, supervisors can monitor employee performance with the support of traditional and ‘InView’ LAN wallboards. As supervisor, you can drive as many InView wallboards as needed, and each InView wallboard can be configured to display two information views: wallboard view or status view.


On a wallboard-view configuration, the supervisor can view up to eight key performance parameters from over 300 available options such as calls in queue, wait time, calls answered, calls abandoned, etc. The status-view option lets supervisors view the status of agents/extensions within a selected group. This view can be used to allow agents/extensions and supervisors to see who is available so they can transfer calls. 


User-Friendly Configuration

Managing your business’ calls requires no special programming skills. The Discovery Manager Configurator database defines what lines, extensions, employees and corresponding groups are to be monitored by the system. The Windows-based interface makes all Discovery Manager screens easy to configure and use.


To assist with troubleshooting, Discovery Manager provides 24-hour access to a comprehensive, on-line help system, which offers immediate assistance with the specific screen you are having difficulty with. Another convenient feature is password protection that prevents unauthorized changes to your system.


Discovery ManagerLite vs Discovery ManagerPlus

All businesses have their own distinct needs and capabilities when it comes to operating a customer service function. For this reason, Vodavi offers two optional Windows-based call management solutions: Discovery ManagerLite and Discovery ManagerPlus.


Discovery ManagerLite: Real-Time Reporting Capability

Does your organization or call center environment need a solution that captures and visually reports real-time call handling statistics but you don’t yet need historical and forecasting capabilities?  The right solution for this type of application is PC-based Discovery ManagerLite, which seamlessly interfaces with Vodavi’s ACD system functionality. Discovery ManagerLite gives you access to critical call handling capabilities to take customer service to the next level. Best of all, if you start managing your business resources using Discovery ManagerLite, upgrading to Discovery ManagerPlus down the road is no problem. Once the software upgrade to Discovery ManagerPlus is complete, data collected by your Discovery ManagerLite from day one will be available for report generation.


Discovery ManagerPlus: Real-Time + Historical + Forecasting Capability

For businesses requiring sophisticated real-time and historical reporting as well as forecasting capability, Vodavi offers the Discovery ManagerPlus software package. Does your organization need to analyze call volume, call handling time, service levels and staff requirements over time? Do you need to create a group of queues or thresholds for each separate call group within your organization that monitors parameters such as daily calls abandoned, calls in waiting and calls overflowed?  Do you want to know what will happen to your call handling times if you experience a 10% increase in calls? If so, Discovery ManagerPlus offers dozens of report templates, or better yet, you can custom configure reports the way you want. Comprehensive features such as the forecasting function help you simulate “what if” scenarios leaving no more guesswork should business factors change. The bottom line is whatever your need, the Discovery ManagerPlus allows management to tap into the wealth of call handling information to help make informed organizational decisions and improvements.


ACD System Software

Vodavi’s ACD system software provides a flexible solution that allows organizations to set up supervisor functions, at the telephone system level, to help manage call flow activities between its employees and customers. Once in place, supervisors are given total control of how calls are processed within their organization. Key features like call monitoring, calls in queue/overflow handling, RAN (Recorded Announcements), timers and programmable ACD/employee groups can be used to create a custom solution that addresses the time, skill level, communication and customer service needs of your organization. Supervisors can even define employee reason codes (going home sick, going to the restroom, going to lunch, etc) as to why an employee left his or her workstation and is unavailable to be a part of a call group.


So if you’re looking to manage business resources more efficiently or if you want to set up a more formal call center environment, the optional ACD system software can be implemented to automatically route calls relative to your business’ needs and abilities.  Down the line if you recognize the need for enhancing your solution by displaying and collecting real-time performance statistics at a PC-level, upgrading to one of the Discovery Manager solutions is fast and easy.


Giving Customers The Service They Deserve

Whether your customer service department is comprised of one employee or a whole room full of employees answering calls and inquiries, a reliable, effective solution for managing your business resources is crucial. When customers call they want to reach someone that can quickly and correctly help them with what they need. Don’t get caught behind your competition – or worse yet – let the competition take away your customers. Take a closer look at how Vodavi’s Discovery Manager solutions can increase your business productivity.